I am holding a pet competition, to find the most cute or funny pet. It is really easy to join. First you have to have a cute or funny picture of your pet that is easy to be emailed. Then you email the pic to me including you first and last name, the pets name and your email. If you win your pet will be featured on my website. So get started. My email is thegiraffespot@hotmail.com
Newspaper nails are a super easy design to do and they look fantastic. All you need is newspaper, white nail polish, rubbing alcohol, and a clear coat of nail polish. First you would paint your nails white or a color of your choice. If you choose a different color, try not to do a dark color. After your nails are dry, take little pieces of the newspaper and wet it with the rubbing alcohol. Then put the newspaper print over your nails like a stamp but hold it longer. Last put the clear coat on and look at your fantastic nails.
Say hello to the Celestra series, written by Addison Moore.
My lovely cousin and I where talking about books. She loves to read and I totally hate it. We were both on our kindles and she told me to look up the first book of the Celestra series. So I did, the review was good and the first book was free. Of course I got it. I started it on a late Wednesday night and finish it on a beautiful Sunday. I am now on the second book and totally love the series. I can't wait the read the rest of the series. It is totally a book worth trying.
If you have a kindle the first book if free so why not get it.